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Thread: Flt-vca + Flt-vcb

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    I really cannot find flt-vca.bin and flt-vcb.bin on kazaa.... what search word du I have to use??....

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    dl from dc.... much better

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    yea, i got them both doog game in fact it is installing this very second.

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    I just searched for "FLT" and you get a whole list of fairlight stuff and then look for the filesizes or filename
    and I got 50+ sources in about an hour

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    I'm sorry I'm so dumb... but what is dc??

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    May 2003
    just clik the hash i posted in the verifieds where it says vice city Cd 1 & 2 and then it should pop up in your traffic if the page doesn't load then hold shift and clik the link

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    I'm a dummy i know it but..... Hash?? WHAT???... just don't get it!!!

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    If you dont even read the FAQ, no one should tell you, buy the game instead.

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    dc is Direct Connect. Works great for me.

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    I tried eMule and kazaa but after some days i gave up and tried DC and it got in some day(s).


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