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    i just downloaded the matrix reloaded screener sample torrent from and it is perfect quality. Is there a screener anywhere on the web yet? Ive checked vcdquality but they dont have it yet.

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    I got the sample, it's a pretty poor screener, the picture is pretty fuzzy.

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    its fake porn scheme weeeeeeee

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    Ive downloaded the screener sample and cos it was quite good I went to the website that it advertises in the hope of downloading the full version.I didnt think it would be legit but anyhow,its worth the risk right?
    Wrong! after signing up for two adult sites(free) I was then put in a que,only after 5 minutes of waiting I was disconnected again and again.
    Moral of the story,wait till it hits irc or BT,dont go to the site it advertises on the sample cos its a con.

    Maybe im a bit niave but I figured it was worth a try and i dont mind taking one for the boys!!


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