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Thread: re-installing windows = bad files?

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    I got 2 HD, one with windows on and every "importen" files with 80GB, and one with 250GB for download, games, ect.

    I re-install windows about every 3. mounth.
    But often when i does, some of my files on the 250GB HD wont work, or are bad, like when i watch a movie that has always worked it would start to crash or have loop holes in the movie ect.

    Anything im doing wrong or is it normal?

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    Never happens to me and I reinstall every 2 weeks.

    Is it just movies ot does it happen to other type of files too?

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    I think it's time to make backups and check your hard drive. Use diagnostic tools from your drive maker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MultiForce View Post
    Is it just movies ot does it happen to other type of files too?
    It happens to rar's, iso, ect. everyfile but it's not all the files, it's about 10-15 that gets like that everytime i reinstall


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