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Thread: problem with ratio

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    Question Mark

    when i download a movie like 1Gb and i left him on the dowload for emission more of the week and my ratio is low because the download speed faster than the upload speed. download is 200 and upload is 30.

    how i can arrive to a good ratio?

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    Question Mark

    if you can also send me the best configuration for azureus

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    Quote Originally Posted by narkies1 View Post
    if you can also send me the best configuration for azureus
    Try not to use slow trackers. Sometimes even a good torrent will sit idle on a lame-o tracker.

    Try not to download torrents that are old. Chances are that they will have very few leechers.

    Be selective in what you download from certain trackers. Pay attention to what content has heavy amounts of leechers. For example, I download my TV shows from ST, apps from TL and so on.

    Download some new, popular torrents that are very active. Even if you don't care about the content, it will still help your ratio in the long run. Popular TV shows and porn are always good to seed. And remember to get them early!

    The FST group


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