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    this is a great game, anyone else got it???

    U play a hacker and it can be frighteningly realistic, u crack passwords, while being traced, u need to delete your tracks and upgrade cpu and software to do missions with more money, have security cameras and selfdestruct mecanisms on your gateway to protect yourself.

    Great game, get it nowwwww

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    You only just got it? It's been available in the UK for over a year

    I like it for two reasons - It's a great game, and it's too easy to get past it's copy protection. Just check any good serial/crack/warez site and the keys are there.

    Though don't get me wrong - This is one of a few which I've actually bought, and one of about two PC non-budget games I've bought in the past year. To me, that means it is quality

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    yea my m8 sent it too me over msn, i played it and i thought it was great, i got the update now and it has all sorts of cool new features like lan scanners and a defrag etc

    Great game

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    I had it and i thought it was good, i would recommend it to anyone interested in any of that kind of stuff.

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    I have played this and it is a quality game.Simple idea but very addictive.

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    It's a good game, original, atmospheric and it'll run on my crappy PC!!
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