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Thread: Downloading Only Part Of File

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    How can I download only a part of file?
    I have downloaded movie and it has frames damaged at the end of file.
    It took me ages to download so I don't want to download it again
    What software you can suggest? Or any information related on .dat file structure? Anything...
    Please help...
    Thank's in advance

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    hi there !
    this site has an excellent forum/help info on video probs.
    also try
    all questions receive a response.

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    I know how to edit avi files with VirtualDub and so on...
    But i wanna know is it possible to download ONLY part of file in Kazaa?
    I suppose it is... but is there any software for that?
    Or maybe can any kazaa profie help me with ideas how to do that?
    I can make that software myself B)


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