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Thread: Download Music Videos From AOL! (Workaround...)

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    Ever wanted some great music videos? I did and I found this:

    AOL ( has thousands of music videos from famous and less famous artist and bands. You can watch them for free online but you can't download them.... unless... you've take the back door..

    The guide: Free Music Videos

    This is a guide to get music videos from AOL to your computer and then if you want to, to your iPod. In the end (if you convert them in VLC as in the guide) they will not even be locked.

    This works great!
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    thanks for this

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    I know a way a million times easier. While watching the video record it with Fraps. Then encode it with Total Video Converter or something.

    Another way is just watch the video then retrieve it from your temporary internet files. Then convert from flv to whatever.
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