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Thread: P Guardian Excessive Cpu Req

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    Using the latest p guardian (1.96) I notice that it periodically demands upwards of 40% of my 1.0Ghz CPU. This is enough to stop my mouse, tie things up temporarily etc.

    No one else is seeing this?

    Win2k Pro
    Kerio 2.14

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    I just monitored my Windows Task Manager whilst dl'ing 3 movies and PeerGuardian never rose above 1% CPU usage. Most of the time it was at 0. I didn't register any block attempts in this time, however. Days go by with no blocks so maybe it gets more active then. Have you noticed a correlation?
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    No correlation to blocks. No correlation to anti-virus software or any other software *except* internet accessing software.

    Each piece of software seems to add about 7-10% to peer guardians usage when it hits the net. So, when I check my e-mail, 10%, klite, 10% etc.

    Even Kerio (since it loops back on adds to the load. So when I get several of these programs going and each hitting the net at different times to do whatever, pguardian demands more and more.

    So sometimes it is 0 and oters 7%-40%.

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    There may be overlapping entries in the list, like 2 that read like this:

    There may also be backwards entries like:

    BOTH can cause extra cpu drain.

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    That was it. Overlapping entries.



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