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Thread: about the trackers thing

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    Since I started using private trackers, not long ago, a question has always been floating on my mind. How does the private tracker thing work? Let me explain:

    Yesterday, I came across this file;: '***' in wich you can textually read: 'And here we are again. More leakers that thinks itís funny to spread releases to bittorrent and p2p-networks'

    I know from my experience in the past that scene groups do not like their releases to be spread outside their sites, and the above comment just enforces this thought. Then again, where do tracker uploaders get the stuff from?? Do I have to understand that every tracker has their own infiltrates leaking all that stuff? Or maybe just the bigger trackers do and little ones leak from the firsts...Or perhaps they have some kind of agreement between scene members...

    Maybe some admin can explain this to me... Or maybe its not allowed to talk about this matters here and I'm screwing it big time

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    Uploaders with axx, that is they have ftp access to scene topsites, file dumps etc. leak the releases to some of the torrent sites with the fastest pretimes, think FTN etc. Then as people download from those sites they upload them to the other more run-of-the-mill 0-day trackers like TL. Thats how i understand it anyway ive had a few years experience but hey, i could be barking up the wrong tree

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    Yes, this is what I believe too. But it's kind of risky for uploaders, isn't it? And the whole thing can fall down like a house of cards if top tracker uploaders begin to fall like this poor dude on swebits


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