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Thread: Sims 7 In 1

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    Hello, can anyone tell me what is included in the sims 7 in 1 file, that is around on bittorrent and the like?? e.g. sims superstar, sims hot date etc...
    cheers, tom

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    Probably The Sims game plus all expanion packs.

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    I would like to have that. Personnaly I don't use bittorent but as soon as it is on K-lite can someone plz post te hashes?

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    i knew that it was the sims and some expansion packs but i didnt know which ones.

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    I have got the Sims 7 in 1 pack and its superb! it has ALL expansion packs including Superstar. If anybody thinks it would be benificial for me to put it on kazza let me know. B)

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    I would appreciate it if you put it on kazaa, my sister loves the sims, but she has no expansions. Let me know if you do

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    I've never even heard of the sims 7 in 1 pack. so in that respect, i probably could'nt tell you much bout it.

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    What type of connection do you have dizzy!!.

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    Ive never played the sims, but if you have it i would be interested.

    I have 0.5mb broadband.

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    I have cable.

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