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Thread: Download The New Msn 6 Form Here?

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    this is just the beta

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    Originally posted by tommy1987@23 May 2003 - 22:03
    this is just the beta
    stop complaining just be happy he has it, cuz gayosoft is making all sites take it down

    Elisha Is My Wife, DONT TOUCH! (LP FAN - Fort Minor Sucks BTW) oh and forgot i use the alias NoX here.. lol

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    nothing wrong with the beta... as far as i know.

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    thanx wizz now i got msn 6 beta and msn 8.5 beta

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    sorry just stating that cos it was a BETA then it wasnt a leaked version but a certified release, just to a limited number of people.

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    Whats the differance from msn 5?

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    Good job!
    Btw Freak msn8 is a fat unneeded program.
    MSN is one of the only ISP's that will let you set up a manual connection.
    By doing this you won't have to use that fat bandwith and resource hogging msn8.
    Never ever get kicked off as well as coonnecting first time every time.
    They'll help you do it right over the phone and you'll still be able to use msn 8 if you want.
    I suggest deleting!!

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    I'll wait to download it till MSN Plus gets something out for it.

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    Thanks Wizz

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