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Thread: BIG PROBLEMS getting software for MAC

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    Hi. I just joined this thing. I just recently switched from PC to MAC, but I'm having a terrible time trying to find the programs I need: Final Draft, FLASH 8, and various After FX plug ins.

    It's been completely plaguing me. When I was on a PC I used SHAREAZA and it was a piece of cake. Now I'm realizing that there's like NO formats that work for mac. rar, exe, and zip all don't seem to work.

    The only one that DOES work is dmg.

    I've been using limewire and now acquisition x but I'm finding nothing.



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    The people i know who use mac, generally use bitorrent.
    There are very few mac users on this forum...

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    thanks very much

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    Sorry but BIG SURPRISE there , mabye look in to a dual boot if your system supports it . There was a post about the Intel chips and Macs . Have seen options for searching for Mac software in Trackers tho just never paid much attention .

    Was curious so checked my few sites I belong to , Demoniod had 1,449 items total software hits , surprising eh . Free sign up every Friday too I belive .
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    I have a mac without a pent processor. I can open all of the files you mentioned-no problem-EXCEPT exe, bin and cue. If you do a search you will be able to find freeware for a program that will open rar files.


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