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Thread: The Sims 7 In 1 Problem, From Bit Torrent

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    well hear is my problem i install this as far as i know, and when i click maxis folder i dont see no launch icon when i click sims 800x600 in start up menu it says could not find sims data directory. has it installed properly any 1 knows whats up ??

    id appreciate your help on this, many thanks


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    Go to suprnova, there is a explanation there on how to get it working from that problem.

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    where on supernova as i can only see the one where it tells you how to change the language

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    well any1 please.

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    I had the same question. The answer is here, on the second page in.

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    im not sure what to do, this is all i have in maxis folderr once installed

    game data
    user data
    user data 6
    user data 7
    user data 8
    apply ppfp3

    no exe file i can see

    so what should i do now, any ideas

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    Try reinstalling it. All the files were there for me, sounds like they didn't install fully for you. Good luck.

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    works now, i was looking in the maxis folder not the sims in 7 no wonder,lol, no problem with directory either, thansk for your help

    listen i wanna back it up cus im reformatting soon how can i cus its like 1.6gb and the folders is like 4gb. any ideas hot to put on cd so ill never lose this great thing ??



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