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Thread: Need Files For Ms Flight Sim 2002 Cd1

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    On CD1 of ms flight sim 2002 some .CAB files are corrupted. They are:


    If anyone have CD1 of this game and it is not corrupted and fully working,can u please put these files up for download?! Please,i really want this game to work cause i dont want to go buy the damn thing!!!

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    I downloaded MS FS 3 times before i got a un corrupted version.

    Did you try CDMage to repair it

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    you say that u have the uncorrupted version. can u please put the uncorrupted files i requested up for download?

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    is there anyone that can help me?

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    It wont make any difference, the files that you downloaded were not corrupted at the source. they became corrupt in the transfer process. i could post a perfect Image of the CDs . but chances are during the time it takes for you to download them they will get corrupt.

    I had to get mine from eMule...2 times on kazaa they were corrupt. i tried eMule and no corruption at all

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    PLEASE,anyone that has the FULL game and it isn't corrupted at all,can u PLEASE send me the file to me by e-mail. i know its big,but use a zip splitter utility to break it up in small pieces which can be send trough e-mail. send the pieces one-by-one. PLEASE,PLEASE,im begging u!

    my e-mail address is:

    post here if u will help me


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