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Thread: Reall Underground Rap Artisits

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    Hi all, I have alot of all the good rap out there, alot of it underground, too much to list. Im looking for some new stuff tho, so if you could post the name of song and artisit please of what you think is quite rare, would be much appreciated, thanks.

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    I tried to start this discussion

    if you didnt see it ill post what i put up

    Benefit - Proceed With Caution
    Ill Bill - How To Kill A Cop
    Shabaam Sahdeeq f/ Cocoa Brovas - Every Rhyme I Write
    Jedi Mind Tricks f/ Tragedy - Genghis Khan
    Akrobatik - Hypocrite
    Akrobatik - Home
    Ali Vegas f/ AZ - Quiet Money
    Tommy Tee - Above The Law
    Freddie Foxxx - Aim Cock Spit
    Guru - Whers Our Money
    Whoridas - Harem
    Tragedy Khadafi f/ Canibis & Big Pun - Enemy Of The State

    Not all underground but all good and not mainstream
    post some of your fav songs so we can swap(not just artist cause thats too much work searching for stuff)
    then ill post some more of mine

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    Originally posted by TNTIcemanTNT@23 May 2003 - 19:22
    Hi all, I have alot of all the good rap out there,
    That is a contradiction in terms

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    i named some shit on Rollin On Dubs discussion...


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