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Thread: I Want To Setup An Ftp Server

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    I want to setup my PC as an FTP server. I have DSL, so I believe this can be done with software like WS_FTP SERVER. I have Windows XP Pro Corp (SPK1).

    I have a few GB of space, on my PC, that I want a few family members and friends to access.

    can anyone help me?

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    there is a pinned in the lounge on how to do it.

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    You have XP Pro. You don't need third party software. Just enable it and IIS in add/remove windows components and then go to control panel/administrative tools/ Internet services manager. Click on the lower icon nad all your webs will open up. Shut down anything you won't be using so it won't be abused. right click on the ftp web and go to properties. Do yur thing!!

    Just make sure you have a basic working knowledge of administration and security, firewalls, IIS lockdown(available from the Microsoft download center) and the methods to make ftp more secure. Look into s/ftps maybe and study the login in security policies, shares policy, remote access, any thing that can be used to breach your system. find out where the w3svc1 logs are in system32 /logfiles and check them often to see if you have any holes.

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    use bullitproof to become a server very easy to set up also you registor @ no ip com this gives you a dns name,

    instead of seening your ip it will look like this


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