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Thread: Blackcats Games...

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    I had over a .7 ratio for a couple days after building my ratio up for weeks (internet only stays on for 6 hours a day so it takes a while for me) and I tried to login to my account and it said account disabled! They don't even show contact information on their website. I'm so pissed because I seed everyday for as long as my internet stays on and I've been seeding almost every game I've downloaded.

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    the same exact thing just happened to me. i went to bed last night at .7 ratio, woke up disabled. ive been looking everywhere on the internet for a way to contact them, and the ONLY way to is if you are registered and dont have a disabled account. id even be willing to donate to them to get this mess fixed but i cant contact them to make that offer.

    if anyone here has some method of contacting them, please pass the info along that i was a couple percent away from meeting the deadline

    username is malakar


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    dont use same username here and on torrent sites it can get you banned

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    Hello all just to let you know that i did get a PM once but not for low ratio. It was a mass PM so i guess everyone got it. It actually said you should not seed too much.....thats bizzare. Other trackers encourage lots of seeding. I stopped using it and i think it went for inactivity.

    Blackcats games is an awesome site and all but it can be slow.
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    Other than that it's really easy to seed there as they have by far the best seedbonus i've seen in any site.. Just see 3-4 days after you finish your download and you get back what you have downloaded

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    black cats is great. 5 for content

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    Weird I've never had any problems with BlackCats, nor have I heard of anyone else having problems there before this. Only thing I can remember is when they got hacked, everyone lost their accounts. As for the over seeding bit, I don't know what their reasoning behind it is. I don't exactly agree with it either, more seeding the better!
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    ill have to have a look at the site

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    Quote Originally Posted by micky3840 View Post
    ill have to have a look at the site
    It's has open signups....
    keep on trying....

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    signups now closed...

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