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Thread: Looking for something decent

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    Hi you guys...

    I'm looking to see if you wanna give me an invite to a decent private tracker.. (something likeRevTT, TTi, WB, KG, FSC, ScT, UkT

    not a level 1 site, please..

    I have ST, TL, X264, TD.

    If.. if.. you can get me ScT, I will trade my account from a level 4.5 site that has an above excellent ratio where you could download about 730GB and still keep a 1.0 ratio.

    Also, I could trade my PiSexy account, 75GB uploaded, 7GB downloaded.

    I have proof if you need it.

    PM me

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    pm ur email and i will send u revtt invite
    No more trading....
    Feel free to pm me for any help on installing TF on your linux seedbox


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