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Thread: Tears Of The Sun

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    I downloaded something called: "(TMD)tears of the sun(FTF) real! avi"

    (Look how fast it downloaded):

    It was in two parts, a cd 1 and 2 well I tried previewing it and there is no sound and no picture.
    But there is a file on my computer size 143 MB (150,703,616 bytes) so I know its really there!
    I haven't finished downloading cd2 yet and when I try previewing that, same thing: no sound, no picture.
    Any ideas?

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    You may need to download the codecs. I think that your download is not real because you downloaded is so quick in the other thread you started.
    I had this happen once to the lord of the rings: the two towers. I am on dialup and i was getting 20 kb/s or something. All the .avi file is black with no sound. Thats why you downloaded it so quick.

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    Then how come its taking up 143mb of space on my hd?
    What is it then? (that bothers me)

    Does anybody know of a REAL version of this movie??!!


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