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Thread: Holy Crap

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    Last night I started downloading this file: [tmd]Tears.of.the.Sun.(FTF).ts.(1of2).real
    I use a 56k dial-up modem!
    It had two user's on it, and started.
    Then I watched the Kb/s start CLIMBING!
    It shot to 25.50Kb's!
    Then to 26.40
    The highest I wrote down was at 37.07!!!!!!!!!!!
    In my exitement, I forgot to make a screenshot so you guy's would believe me: I AM NOT SHITTING YOU!!
    I completed a 143mb file in under 2 hrs!
    How was this possible? I thought dial-up was restricted to 5.3Kb/s?!!

    But now I'm needing help with the avi I got:

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    The download is not real. I had this happen once to the lord of the rings: the two towers. I am on dialup and i was getting 20 kb/s or something. All the .avi file is black with no sound. Thats why you downloaded it so quick.

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    if it says real in the filename or title then i always suspect it's a fake.

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    Then what IS taking up 143mb of space on my hd?
    I deleted it, and am a little smarter now knowing that if it seems to good to be true, it is.

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    What you downloaded was a fake, what I like to call a "Blank File." I've downloaded blank MP3's before also. My download was going at around 34KB/Sec (I'm on 56k)! But yea, it was too good to be true.

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    What I still don't understand is how can even a fake file move that fast through the line?
    Ok, its compressed and everything, but as I understand it, it would move at the same speed as everything
    Example: "fake file" size: 5000Kb that usually moves at 2.8kb/s instead of taking 15-20min, takes 2-5 min
    because it was moving along at 25.00?
    (I'm buzzed, so deal with me )
    What I'm saying is that if the FCC won't allow more than 5.3Kb/s transfer rate how is this possible?
    So FCC only regulates MODEM speed, and phone lines have theoretically UNLIMITED potential?
    This would kick ass

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    What u actulyy downloaded was a fake file that actully had no data thats why it went so fast Ive done that before to it is impossible to get a spped mor the 5.6 on 56k otherwise wh is everyone using broadband which I can't get coz they won't upgrade me the bastards

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    but if there was no data, they how come we dont dont get the file at 1mb/s or something.

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    the file contains a series of headers to seperate the data and it tells the system where the file starts and ends, the speed u dl is measured bby how fast u reach each header, so ergo u got no data inbtween the headers u get more headers quicker so more "speed"

    its like filling a balloon up with air and treacle, the air is no data in the file yet the balloon still takes up the same space, the treacle is the data, and it takes longer to fill/empty

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    just as a follow on, when i'm downloading headers on newsgroups, i regularly get over 100kilobits/sec and always above 80kilobits/sec, just due to the compression.

    i had a similar experience as yourself when i was downloading 8 mile. i was getting over 20 kilobytes/sec, however, this was due to the file being blank, as others have said

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