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Thread: HD speed question

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    Currently I have my windows installation on a 40gb ide drive, I'm also using an 80gb sata drive as a general purpose additional. I'm wondering if I create a new windows install on the sata drive to use instead will I notice any resonable performance increase with respect to the speed of programs etc?

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    There is probably a measurable difference but probably not noticeable.

    What are the 2 drives? Makes and models please.

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    u wont SEE the difference man it may be just 5ms or 10ms which is unnoticeable by human brain. if u really want to see a change compare ur results with that of the SCSI HDD(like the one i have) then and only then u can see the difference

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    Yes you will.

    I had exactly the same set up and the Sata drive is notiocable snappier. I assume its a 7200 rpm model.

    But as Virtial Body said it will depend on the models mostly I think the rpm.

    I now have an 80 gig Sata for my C drive XP and Programs etc
    And a 160 gig Sata as a physical D drive to store data eg pics and videos etc.



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    Make sure you have a Sata/Raid floppy disk for your mobo unless it is a late model one.

    You will need to stop XP setup early on by pressing F6 (I think)



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    Sata IS better, but depends on which one. If you are using a standard 7200rpm HDD w/ Sata 1, and IDE 133, then probably not. However, if you have a 10,000 rpm SATA 2 and an IDE 33, you would notice a BIG difference.

    I have dad windows installed on an IDE 100 drive and Currently on a WD Raptor 10,000 RPM and I DO notice a difference.

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    You will note the difference!, the SATA controller "frees" a lot the resources of the PC...


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