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Thread: PerrGuardian Blocking Emule Servers

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    What is with peerguardian blocking the ip address of every server i try to connect to? i'm on eMule v0.47c in the servers tab... i double click on a server and then peerguardian says: fake emule servers or leaseweb unknown emule servers...

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    Don't worry about this. Its only blocking the fake servers not the real ones.

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    it honestly seems like every server i see, tho... if someone has emule and peerguardian, lemme know if you can get onto any servers

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    Ive used Peerguardian with Emule. It works. For some reason all the servers you have listed are fake ones. I recommmend getting a better server list and connecting to well-known servers.

    EDIT: here are three good sources for downloading server.met files (server lists) Load them in emule:
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    thanks man


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