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    I need help. I have read the postings for vice city, and i downloaded the flt-vca and flt-vcb, as well as the .cue files. Now what do i do? I know I need to burn the 2 .bin files onto a disc with Nero, but what do I do with the .cue files? I'm a newbie at this, please help.

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    The cue files are used for other programs which require them eg cdr win. You should jus be able to jus burn the Bin file straight to cd!!!

    Hope that helps!!

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    u can also use the cue files 2 burn the cd, instead ofchoosing .bin 4 the file type in nero, choose cue, some games require this as it tells exactly how the files should b placed, but u usually can bypass them if u want

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    Just go into nero and click on file and go to write image and then choose the cue file and it will burn the bin file associated with that particular cue file. do this for cd 1 cue file then on another cd do this for cd 2 cue file.

    when I said "click on file" I ment the file menu in the upper left hand corner.


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