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Thread: Best Male Action Actor

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    Whose the best male action movie actor in everyone's opinion?I think Van Diesal is the best especially in A Man Apart the story line wasn't that great but it was his best acting job whose the best?

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    Van Diesal is a action guy, not really a good actor. Like swartchinager (I know I didn't spell that right lol), some people would say he can act but really he's just good in action. Personaly I think Edward Norton rocks, he can play that psycho really well heh.

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    Hmmm...there sure are a whole lot of them...but I think Im going to have to go with Aunold, "Its not a toomor!". Just because..well Predator and T2 are two of the best action films ever.

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    Ron Jeremy?

    oh shit, wrong thread, lol...

    but seriously, prolly like, cruise, or ford, gibson maybe.

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    after arnold, jet li.

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    Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson.

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    Chow Yun Fat has to be way up in any list of action movie actors. Arnold is good too, but I'd have to give my nod to Chow, even though his American movies have not been great.

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    Stallone..u can't beat the old rockys & rambos B)

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    Dam none of my favorite actors are action stars.

    Wait De Niro counts and Bruce Willis,and not much of an action star but
    he was so fucking cool in Tombstone ......VAl Kilmer

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    sean connery

    its hard to be old and sexy...but he is

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