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Thread: Vice City Mission Help!

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    hey guys I'm stuck on the guardian angels mission! When I get on the dirtbike to chase the guy, the controls suck andif i turn too much I wreck, turn to little and it wont turn at all! I cant chase him down the alley! And when I try a car, wit my luck I end up bein 2 feet from ramming him but the car some how spins out and blows up!

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    what i did to pass it was , walk straight of steps toward bike to save a few seconds, the get right next to him and shoot him. hope that helps

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    Huh? I dont get it? what did you do? Any way to cheat?

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    I am struck in the "Bombs Away" Mission where the old physic lady tells you trow a bombs from a little plane.
    How do you get trought that?

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    The bombs away mission can be tricky, you just have to keep trying till you grt them all, as long as you don't crash you should be fine (unless you get shot down but that is very hard for them to do, in fact I've never been shot down yet.. I've been hit but not put down yet lol..) The controls are number pad 6 goes tilt nose up and # 9 is tilt nose down and w is up and s is go down, other then that it is all in your flying lol..

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    And salim if you want to cheat just search for the cheats in your favorite game's web site, they all have them by now. And mabey try or

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    BTW... wait till you cats beat it, and you then you can steal the attack chopped from military base, if your good.

    tip: Fly in low from the back side of the base, over the water, hover just above fence level, and land right next to the chopper, putting ur chopper, between you, and the guys on the right/west side of the map. get on, and run the passenger side of the chopper, and fly that bitch out the way you came in, often, you wont even get shot at, if done right, maybe it depends on time of day, and where they are training at the time..

    the attack chopper is great... use it for vigilante missions, and just sit down in the airport, way south west... and the cars will continue to spawn right in the parking lot, and u can just rape the shit out of them... i got to like, level 66, in like, 40 mins, makingmore cash then i would ever need, good times. Homing bullets, and rockets, dont use the rockets much, as they blow extra shit up, and civilians, and the last u need, is the popo shooting at u.


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