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Thread: Wireless router help

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    Hey guys could use all the help here

    recently I just had a modem blow up D link during a storm it was 4 years old so a real old one! I had my Netgear WGR614 running find on it

    now I have just bought a Netcom Nb1300 Plus4

    I am trying to to configure it to work with the modem but having problems

    the problem is.

    the internet info light wont light up green instead it will Occasionally go Orange Even minute or so for a few minutes then go off.

    ive never delt with having a wireless router having to go through a modem that has in built router in it so its all new to me. a real pain in the arse I had the one good single modem for 4 years now you cant buy a efanet modem separate now which is a fucking pain.

    now I read on here that it was a good Idea to put it in Bridged mode. well I have done that too still no luck.

    one problem could be the wireless router and the Modem router both have the same IP ?? could that be it? though I did try changing the Netcom IP.

    it could well be somehow the Router got fried by the lightning too even though it and the modem were turned off would be pretty freaky if it did but Im thinking im not doing something right.

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    I have my cable modem go directly into my wireless router (Netgear) and it worked first time. Have you made sure your wireless router is compatible with your internet connection, ie. ADSL wireless router for an ADSL internet connection and cable wireless router for a cable connection? The WGR614 is for cable and DSL, but the Netcom is only ADSL compatible. Also, have you tried flashing your routers firmware? I did this once (on a Netgear) and disconnected it during the flashing process, which totally screwed up the router and the internet light stayed orange all the time and never went green.


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