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Thread: Blu Ray to DVD - A Possibility

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    I've been hearing that in the near future, all Sony/Columbia Pictures films will be released on BluRay discs. This means that one would need a BluRay player or PS3 to watch the films. Do you think it will be possible to take the components of the BluRay disc and make it compatible to be burned onto a regular DVD-R??? Even if it was just the movie itself, and no extras???? For example, will we be able to get a Spider-Man 3 DVD Rip (supposed to be only BluRay) uploaded and able to be burned to DVD's???? Feel free to discuss.

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    In order to do this, Your computer would have to spend hours encoding the video to a much lower resolution. You would have to cut the video equivalent of 22GB down to 4.7GB This would take hours (depending on your processor), but I'm sure a program will come along to do it. There are many that do it from DVD9 to DVD5

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    yeah hopefully a bluray to dvd program may be invented

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    Use DVDShrink...

    Time remaining: 7 weeks.

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    ^^ lol thats pretty funny


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