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    Has anybody played this Ghost master game, it looks a lot like the sims?? what is it like?

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    not out yet

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    its in the verifieds rip of it

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    I'm in the 4th haunting (just got it this afternoon)

    It is pretty funny, sorta like a scary sims

    Will have to play more to give a full opinion though

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    its not out yet
    ...yes it is

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    I hated the sims (too slow) but i liked the idea. this has all the good bits of the sims with the added sick joke and goals to aim for. A good idea is trying to get all the ghosts

    in short I LOVE IT

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    thanks for the feedback, i have it now, and i actually dont like it that much, i thought the sims was too slow at the time and this is too.


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