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    Last night there came a long new ppl on the KLF room in SoulSeek.
    One of them was a user with the name ShelbyCapri, things was cool at the beginning, we were talking
    about this and tah, guitars and such. Anyways, Shelby had only 3 files for share at the beginning, saying he/she, most likely he, just got a new comp and didnt have them mp3's in HD yet, i didn't bother browsing him, got caught in conversation i guess trying to get him to check the board and join the community...
    So, a long come other users, they did browse those 3 files, one of those turned out to be "underteenlolita.jpg" and that, ofcourse, raised some eyebrowns so to speak.
    Ppl start asking questions like "wtf with that?" and Shelby said to dl and see, its actually an older woman, tits and all. Well, things got rather hot in the room, Shelby left, apparently trying to get rid of the pic, came back a bit later with much more files on shares... so, i hit the Browse button just to find them documents and all in there, took a look on them cookies to see whats there, --> some really bad links.

    Anyways, just wanted to pull this thing in here just in case he shows up...
    I got a "picture" whats ShelbyCapri is about and i aint liking it.

    Spoiler: Show

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    thats just wrong

    As long as I've got a face
    You've got a place to sit

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    @ ShelbyCapri if you're reading this:

    You need to get your act together, go out and get laid with a real woman or something...

    If not you should be man enough to meet me face to face and I'll shove your harddrive up where the sun will never shine. You and your likes should be ballchopped with a really rusty knife.

    Fuck you and the underdog you rode in on!

    (my signature's got type-o's it's supposed to be: I rock, you rock while ShelbyCapri really suxx)

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    The place often refered to as where the sun does not shine is often a reference to the lower bowel.

    In this guy's cas, I will gladly shed some light on that region...

    there is an old school way of punishing asshole.

    first, split the abdominal cavity from pubis to sternum, careful to just make it through the abdominal wall.

    pull out the large intestine and stake it to the ground...

    make him march around the stake using white hot steel rods to prod him along if he is reluctant to walk.When death ensues, or the entire set of intestines are wound about the stake, you are done, and the sun is shining where it previously would not.

    that is my opinion on punishing guys like this

    edit: spelling correction

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    And People wanted to know why some of us use to Question the NOOBs that came in there.Maybe this is just one of them reasons.

    Don't worry.....I am about Done Collecting what I need and you can have all the People you know nothing about in that Room because I will be done with it.


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