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Thread: Windows Media Player issues

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    I have a rca m5002 mp3 player,
    And Im having problems syncing music on it,
    basically i cant put any music on it at all.
    When i try to add music to it, it says error, the player may not support the file type although the player does support mp3 files....,
    i tried ripping the music to the library which i did and it worked,
    but it doesnt sync! its really pissing me off, espically since this is my first time using windows anything for a while, its making me happy i have my mac.

    speaking of mac,
    could my problem be that im burning cds with my imac (in mp3 format), then ripping it to wmp? but i dont see how, i converted them all to mp3 with itunes,
    i dont know.

    can someone help me before i get desperate and buy another ipod?!? although now they do come in my favorite color...

    also one more thing,
    'is there any other media player that can work with the m5002, sorry if this is stupid, but is there like a hack or something so that i can use the m5002 with itunes?????

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    not all mp3 files are equal. theres the fraunhoffer mp3 and the lame mp3 that I can think of off hand. I don't know if one or the other is incompatible or not but I know there is a little difference. I have easy CD_DA extracter and I use that to rip my cd's to the hard drive and my Iriver mp3 players accept the files no problem. Easy CD_DA uses lame if I'm not mistaken.

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    Wow, i never knew that.
    so when i tried ripping a brand new from the store cd thats not burned or anything, and added it to my library, and tried to sync to my device it wouldnt work because it was in the wrong mp3 file???

    oh and also,
    i should have said this when i started the thread,
    but i only get that file error with some of the songs,
    with the majority of them i get "Windows Media Player encountered an unknown error. This can occur when another program or operating system component encounters a problem but does not communicate the nature of the problem to the Player."
    ive tried it on 2 pcs, and one mac (using virtual pc 7)

    so if i used easy cd da extracor would that work?

    oh and one more thing,
    i may go a day or so without updating because of a spoiled brat way younger brother who screams and yells whenever hes not on yahoo. tough with dial up. tough with younger brothers. you can never win.


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