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Thread: Mpg To Vcd

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    It's me again can anyone give easy to follow advice on how to burn mpg onto vcd please

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    use either nero or roxio to burn, they self encode but sometimes they mess up, if that happens use tmpeg to convert to real vcd format

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    I use winoncd with no problems.

    Nero sometimes does not work.

    Cheers SMID

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    I've downloaded the recruit which is in AVI. I do not have a dvd burner. i do have nero. SVCD not included in the disk, just vcd. Question? 1. how do you get to watching this on my DVD player 2. what are the difference between vcd and svcd ? I tried burning it on vcd (nero) and the picture was great except it was upside down and the introduction of characters was backwards, the sound was great. thanks


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