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Thread: Need Guidance on Good Bands

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    *Opens up Winamp Pro, press alt+L"
    I am having such a hard time finding bands to listen to. Here are the one's thus far on my playlist so ya'll can get at least an idea of what I like.

    All A Perfect Circle albums
    Avenged Sevenfol - Sounding the Seventh Trumpet, Waking the Fallen (Hate City of Evil...)
    Suicidal Tendencies - Suicidal Tendencies
    Slayer - Reign in Blood
    Megadeth - Rust in Peace
    All Tool ablums
    Various Rammstein
    Block Party

    *edit* the art of subonscious is *the best song
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    You could always try trivium and killswitch engage

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    k i'll check trivium out on amazon. which album is their best?
    nice avatar btw

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    If you like Rammstein, then you would probably like:

    KMFDM - The album "Angst", everything released after the album "ADIOS"
    Pig (Raymond Watts) - "Pigmata" and "Sinsation"

    Suicidal Tendencies is some awesome old school hardcore! If your kinda into the hardcore punk and/or metal genre, give these bands a shot:

    The Misfits (Punk)
    The Descendents (Punk)
    TSOL (Hardcore)
    Sick Of It All (Hardcore)
    Sepultura (Metal)
    Meshuggah (Metal)

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    Quote Originally Posted by anak View Post
    k i'll check trivium out on amazon. which album is their best?
    nice avatar btw
    All their albums are good, i like "Ascendancy" the most out of the three. They've really changed since their first album.

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    check out linkin park and maybe trust company.

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    yeah linkin park is classic.. i guess. good lyrics, i liked them when i was in middle school (around 5 or 7 years ago), but not willing to go back to listening just because i listened to them ad nauseam. they still seem popular, tho, with that guy's name being linkin park

    personally i don't admire hardly any music who lyrics are in this order:
    verse 1
    verse 2
    verse 3
    chorus (must emphasis on the repetitive chorus just once more!)
    if i can remember linkin park tended to repeat.. oh what are they called in poetry, stanzas? actually all ~mainstream~ music (term used loosely) tends to have that structure

    metal is more progressive and that's why i love it

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    pantera, sepultura, anthrax and testament to relate to the megadeth/slayer.
    - if you like pantera, check out superjoint ritual, down or damageplan
    - if you like sepultura check out soulfly & nailbomb (try ankla if you're really feeling curious)
    - if you like testament/judas priest see into eternity or nevermore or children of bodom? if you can handle that type of stuff.

    if you like avenged sevenfold then maybe atreyu, bleeding through (a tad hard), from autumn to ashes, as i lay dying (also hard), bullet for my valentine, thrice etc.

    thats to get started, we'll narrow it down more.

    edit: shit i forgot about rammstein. fuck i love rammstein. one of my faves all thru middle school. i dont know a lot of bands similar to them though. maybe orgy? i dunno.
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    if you don't know, you don't need to be asking

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