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Thread: Matrix Reloaded 300 Meg Limit

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    Im on 56k Modem ,and idont have much time to download, well i do, but not those huge files. Are there any Matrix Reloaded Reall, Verified AVI's, Mpeg etc that are 300 Meg under? They can be crap quality, but still hearable and watchable. You know what i mean.


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    the smallest i've seen is 700mb, i have it

    if i was you i wouldn't waste your time watching or downloading it, it sucks

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    Go to - the TMD small 2 part avi files have been verified, its what i downloaded, the quality isn't too bad.
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    "what he said" - the TMD versions are small files, and since you said you don't care about crap quality they are your best bet:

    [TMD]Matrix.Reloaded.(ESO).TS.(1of2).avi = 176 MB
    [TMD]Matrix.Reloaded.(ESO).TS.(2of2).avi = 159 MB

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    I wuddnt dare get any version of matrix reloaded for under a gig.#
    Usual dvd rips are around 700-800 meg, and they are decent quality, but, matrix reloaded has alot of high resolution graphics used in the movie so 1 gig would do for me, or two cd 800 each wen its a dvd rip in the long future lol



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