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Thread: Who In Here Downloads Movies With A 56k.

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    modem, I'm on a 56k modem and I wouldn't dare to download a movie, especially one that's in the gigs. I'm just curious to see how many people on here who have 56k modems download movies and if so what's the biggest movie downloaded, [in the gigs].

    *If this doesn't fit the Movieworld description, please don't flame on me people.*

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    Mar 2003
    i've got two lines,so i've d/led qutie a few never in the gigs thou...
    just al 700mb scr or rips.Finaly b/band comes to my area in aug

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    I too am on a 56k modem and I've downloaded about 7 movies all about 600 to 800 MB long, in total it took me approximately 1 year and 3 months(i think) to download them.

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    i use to back in the days of 56k *shivers* i use to download a few dvd rips and screeners, use to take like 4 or 5 days of constant downloading now im on broadband and get about 140kbps so they finish pretty quick

    fuck Derby County

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    a 700mb film would take me around 2 hours 30 mins/3 hours so its a nice speed but on my 56k I didnt dare download so much so I dont know

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    [FONT=Optima][SIZE=7][COLOR=blue]i have a 56k modem i have about 10, 700 to 800 md movies it usually takes me about 2 days if alot of people are sharing it but all the rest is like 4 to 5 days but it's worth it
    [ gs removed the sig, it was 1455.14 KB lol ]

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    I think when you say 2 days you mean, like, 48 hr straight non-stop right? lol, imagine if you thats the only phone line you have

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    Yeah I have no chice to use 56k coz the idiots wont upgrade my line broadband coz im stuck on a rim or some crap like that

    I recently had to get a new line in coz family were complaing about not being able to ring me

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    Will I never used Kazaa when I had 56k there was no ponit beacuse it even took about 10/15mins for a song. But now I have got 600k Modem much faster.

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    Yeah i download movies on 56k it's such a pain in the arse, just downloaded one that was 700mb and before that i downloaded a 4cd svcd which was about 3.3 gigs total took me three weeks for that as it had few sources.

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