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Thread: Decent newsgroup

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    Was reading around here, as this I am pretty new here and pretty new to newsgroups. I was wondering if there were any decent free news groups at all? Any feedback is welcome.

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    decent free newsgroups dont really exist because it costs a lot of money to run it. However, some ISP do provide free newsgroup access. But, dont expect much. You can check if you ISP offers it here:

    Also, every so often a "premium" server will over free beta testing. One that is currently doing that is The retention is only about a week or two.
    Password: beta

    Honestly, ur best bet is to go get a paid server. UsenetServer is $13/month so its not too bad. That, and the retention is 90 days.

    EDIT: If you dont download too much, you can get pay per gig instead of pay per month. and are basically the only two usenet servers that still offer pay per gig.
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    thanks a ton man, the info is really great... I guess i will end up chucking a couple bucks lmfao!


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