Yes, it's that time again. Here's another set of events that may not have made US headlines.

Pickton trial commences

Robert Pickton is (in all likelihood) Canada's worst murderer, and though the story of his pig farm is old news around here, it's also the largest forensic case in Canadian history, with the trial expected to take at least a year.

Trial opens in Madrid train bombings of 2004

A trial into Spain's worst terrorist attack opened Thursday amid airtight security, with 29 suspects facing charges for the brutal 2004 bombings that killed 191 rush-hour commuters.

Attack on Iran's Elite Force Kills 18

Eighteen people were killed Wednesday, February 14, when a car bomb ripped through a bus carrying members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards in the border city of Zahedan in southeast Iran.

Korea Nuclear Deal Agreed,00.html

Nuclear weapons in North Korea will be disabled and a crucial reactor complex shut down as part of a landmark deal.

Disaster threat hangs over Chad

More than 120,000 Chadians have so far been forced from their homes in brutal inter-ethnic attacks that bear all the hallmarks of the violence seen across the border in Sudan.

India, China, Russia for multi-polar world,0008.htm

A joint communiqué issued after foreign ministers of the three countries met in New Delhi on Wednesday said there could be no justification for any acts of terrorism, and talked of closer coordination against terrorist activity.

UN Council readies extension of Haiti mission

The United States and the UN secretary-general’s office recommended a one year extension when the mandate expires on Thursday. So did a Haiti advisory group that includes Canada, Brazil, Britain, France.