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Thread: How Can I Download Only A Part Of File?

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    I have downloaded movie and it has frames damaged at the end of file.
    It took me ages to download so I don't want to download it again
    What software you can suggest? Or any information related on Kazaa .dat file structure? Anything...
    I know how to edit avi files with VirtualDub and so on...
    I suppose it is possible to download ONLY part of file in Kazaa... But is there any software for that?
    Or maybe can any p2p profie help me with ideas how to do that?
    I can make software myself but don't have an idea how to begin

    Thank's in advance

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    as far as I know it is impossible to do what you desire...why not use your virtualdub skills and just remove the bad frames?

    also, you could redownload the movie, and keep track of the download with the .dat view tool in K++..if you get lucky, the end of the file will complete early (in .dat view you can view the incomplete file, and see what has actually been downloaded) I said...if you get lucky....then you can change the file's extension, edit the frames you need via virtualdub, add em to your present file...sounds like a big pain to me..hell, just rent the damn thing!

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    You could try to find a version that has been spliy in two and get the second part.

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    this is why it is much better to download newer movies off irc its faster and you can download single rars or parse files(think thats what there called i never needed them always get the full file).The movies usually come as vcd or svcd so there ready to burn to disc and play in your dvd player.Search the forum and give irc a try you will love the results.Kazza is still the best for mp3's and older files though

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    You could possibly try AVIMedic.


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