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Thread: Spyware Infested Software

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    !Glance *W3
    1 Click WebSlideShow *Ra
    100 Proof Cocktail Planner *W3
    100% Word Search Free *Con
    123Search *Ra
    123Search *Con
    15 Puzzle *Ra
    1st Contact *W3
    20/20 *Ra
    2Minute Warning *Con
    3D Anarchy *Ra
    3D Frog Man Demo *Con
    3D Maze Man Demo *Con
    3D Morris *Cy
    3D-FTP *Ra
    3rd Block *Ra
    3S Accounting *Ra
    3SI Accounting & Inventory Management (Demo) *Ra
    5star Free Lines *Ra
    7Way *Ra

    Aaron's Webvacuum *Ra
    Abe's FTP Client *Ra
    Abe's Image Viewer *Ra
    Abe's MP3 Finder *Ra
    Abe's MP3 Finder *Cy
    Abe's Picture Finder *Ra
    Abe's SMB Client *Ra
    Absolute Telnet *Ra
    Absolute Yukon Solitaire *Con
    Access Diver *Cy
    Access Diver III *Ra
    Ace of Humor *Ra
    Ace Talking Jokes & Quotes *Con
    AceNotes Free *Ra
    Aces and Kings Solitaire *Con
    Acorn Email *Ra
    AcqURL *Ra
    ActionOutline Light *Ra
    Active 'Net *Ra
    Add Remove Plus! *Con
    Add URL *Ra
    AddAce *Con
    Address Rover 98 *Ra
    Admiral VirusScanner *Ra
    Advanced Call Center *Ra
    Advanced Internet Tool *Ra
    Advanced Maillist Verify *Ra
    Advanced MP3 Search *Ra
    Advertisement Wizard *Ra
    AdWizard *Ra
    Afreet Siteviewer *W3
    Aladin Tuner *Con
    Alchemist Demo *Con
    Alchemy Anaconda *Ra
    Alive and Kicking *Ra
    AllNetic WWW and FTP Observer *Ra
    alphaScape QuickPaste *Ra
    An Online Secretary *W3
    Anchornet *Ra
    Angove CD Player *Cy
    AnySpeed *Cy
    AOL Anti-timer *W3
    Applet Game Mania *Ra
    Appload Notify *Con
    Ariadne Browser *W3
    Ashampoo AudioCD MP3 *Cy
    Ashampoo PowerUp 2000 *Cy
    Ashampoo Uninstaller (2000) *Cy
    Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2000 *Cy
    Asider *Ra
    ASP1-A3 *Ra
    Auction Central *Ra
    Auction Explorer *Ra
    Auction Station *W3
    Audio CD MP3 Studio 2000 *Cy
    Audiogalaxy *WH
    Aureate SpamKiller *Ra
    Aution Central *Ra
    AutoFTP PRO *Ra
    AutoWeb *Ra
    AxelCD *Ra
    Axman *Ra

    Babylon Tool *Cy
    Balloon Pop Demo *Con
    Banner Crafter *Con
    Bavardeur BRANCHEZ-VOUS! *Cy
    Bearshare *Onflow/
    Beatle *Ra
    Beeline *W3
    BigEListener *Ra
    Binary Boy *Ra
    Binary Workshop *W3
    BinaryVortex *Ra
    Bingo Demo *Con
    Bingo Master Demo *Con
    Bio-Rythms *W3
    BizAgent *Ra
    Blast Thru Demo *Con
    Blinkin *Cy
    Blue Engine *Ra
    BookSmith : Original *Ra
    Buddy Pad *W3
    BuddyPhone *Ra
    BullsEye Searcher *Ra
    Business Letter Punch *Con
    Button Magic *Con
    BuzMe *Ra

    Calendar *Ra
    Calendar + *W3
    Calendar + 2000 *W3
    Caliban Mailer *Con
    Calypso E-mail *Ra
    CamCollect *Ra
    CamGrab *Ra
    Canasis vB *Ra
    Capture Express 2000 *Ra
    Car Lot Website Creator *Ra
    Carlanthano *Ra
    Cascoly Screensaver *Ra
    Cash 2000 *Cy
    CD Box Labeler Pro *Cy
    CD Extractor *W3
    CD MP3 Studio *Cy
    CD Recording Studio *Cy
    CDAID *Ra
    CDDB-Reader *Ra
    CDMaster32 *Ra
    CDPost Remote CD-Burner plug-in *Con
    Centarsia *Ra
    Challenge Pool *Cy
    ChanStat *Ra
    Charity Banner *Ra
    Cheat Machine *Ra
    Check and Get *Con
    Check and Get *Ra
    Check4New *Ra
    Chinese Checkers Demo *Con
    ChinMail *Ra
    CiteCreate *W3
    Clabra clipboard viewer *Ra
    Classic Peg Solitaire *Ra
    Clean & Tidy *Ra
    ClockSaver *Ra
    Coffecup Free HTML *Con
    Comet Cursor *CC
    ComTry MP3 Downloader *Ra
    ComTry Music Downloader *Ra
    Concentration Done Right *Ra
    Connect Four *Cy
    Connect? *Con
    Connection Cop *Ra
    Connection Watcher *Ra
    Contact Plus *Cy
    Copernic 2000 *FC
    Copernic Shopper *FC
    Cowon JetAudio *Cy
    Cracker!2000 *Con
    Crazy Drake Demo *Con
    Crazy Puzzle Demo *Con
    Credit Card Verifier *W3
    Crosses & Zeroes *Cy
    CrushPop *Con
    Crystal FTP *Ra
    CSE HTML Validator Lite *Ra
    Cursor maker *Con
    CuteFTP *Ra
    CuteFTP *Ra
    CuteFTP/Tripod *Ra
    CuteMX *Ra
    CutePage *Ra
    Cyber-Gold Communications *CC

    Danzig Pref Engine *Ra
    DateTime *Ra
    DB to HTML Express *Con
    Debt Relief *Con
    Delphi Component Test *Ra
    Delphi Tester *Ra
    Desk Reference *Ra
    Develop Critical Thinking *Con
    Dialarm *Ra
    Dialer 2000 *Ra
    Digi-Cam Web Page Generator *Ra
    DigiBand NewsWatch *Ra
    DigiCams The WebCam Viewer *Ra
    DigiGuide *Con
    Digital Postman *Ra
    Digital Postman *Con
    Direct Connect *Ra
    DirectUpdate *Ra
    Disconnector *Cy
    Disk Space Recovery Wizard *W3
    DiskSpace Explorer 2000 *Ra
    DL-Mail Pro 2000 *Ra
    DLExpert *Pro
    DNScape *Ra
    Doorbell 1.18 *Ra
    Dope Wars *Cy
    dotCool Builder *Con
    Download Accelerator Plus *SB
    Download Minder *Ra
    Download Wonder *Ra
    DownLoader *Ra
    dozeCrypt *Ra
    DuRu *Ra
    Dweeps Demo *Con
    Dwyco Video Conferencing *Ra

    eAssist *Ra
    Easy Phone Book *Cy
    Easy Splitter *Ra
    EasyFill *Cy
    EasyNoter *Con
    EasySeeker *Ra
    EconForecast *Con
    EIS Webmonitor *Ra
    EldoS Keeper *Cy
    eLOL (Electronic Laugh out Loud) *Cy
    Email Extractor *W3
    eMail extractor'99 *Ra
    EmmaSoft ChatCat *Ra
    EmmaSoft dBrow *Ra
    EmmaSoft KeepLan *Ra
    EmmaSoft Soundz *Ra
    eMNGma *Con
    Emoticon *Cy
    Encoding Utility *Ra
    EnvoyMail *Ra
    epAssist *W3
    Essay-Punch *Con
    EURO Converter *Ra
    Every Link for You *Ra
    eVocabFlashCard *Ra
    eWork *W3
    Executive Accounting *Ra
    Express Communicator *Ra
    Extreme Animals Demo *Con
    Extreme Bugs Demo *Con
    Extreme Dinosaurs Demo *Con
    Extreme Orchids Demo *Con
    EZ-Forms FREE *Ra
    EZForms *W3
    EzStock *Cy
    EZSurfer 2000 *W3

    Family Tree Maker *BR
    Fast Browser *Con
    File & MP3 Renamer *W3
    File & MP3 Renamer '99 *Ra
    File Mag-Net *Ra
    File Seeker *Ra
    FileMentor *Cy
    FileSender *Ra
    FileSniffer *Con
    FileSplit *Ra
    FindShare *Cy
    FinePrint Web *Ra
    Fire Client *Ra
    FlashGet *Ra
    FlashGet *Ra
    Flexspex *W3
    FlexSpex *Con
    Floorplan *Ra
    Flyswat *Flyswat
    Folder Guard Jr. *Ra
    FormTool *Ra
    FourTimes *Ra
    Fractal World Generator *Ra
    Frazzle *Ra
    Free Hearts for Windows *Ra
    Free ImageEditor *Ra
    Free IRC *Ra
    Free MP3 *Cy
    Free Notepad *Ra
    Free Pics *Cy
    Free Picture Harvester *Ra
    Free Solitaire *Ra
    Free Solitaire *Con
    Free Spades *Ra
    Free Submit *Ra
    Free Submitter Pro *Ra
    Free Tetris *Cy
    FreeBase *Cy
    FreeBudget *Ra
    FreeNetMon *W3
    FreeRenju *Cy
    FreeRip MP3 *Ra
    FreeSaver MP3 *Ra
    FreeSite *Ra
    FreeWebBrowser *Ra
    FreeWebMail *Ra
    FreeZip! *Ra
    FTP Editor *Ra
    Fundi e-Lert *Ra

    Galactic Invasion Demo *Con
    Galaxy of 3D Tetrimania Demo *Con
    Gardner Demo *Con
    Garret Demo *Con
    Gator *Ga
    Geno Pro *Ra
    GenoPro *Cy
    GenoPro *W3
    GetDown *Cy
    GetRight *Con
    GetRight *Ra
    GetRight Mail Control *Ra
    Gif Animator *Ra
    GifLine Pro *Ra
    Gimme IP *W3
    Glowing Bugs Demo *Con
    Go!Zilla *Ra
    Go!Zilla WebAttack *Ra
    GodeZip *Cy
    Gomoku Pro *Ra
    GovernMail *Ra
    GPL *W3
    Grafula *Ra
    Grammar Fitness Suite *Con
    GroupMail *Ra
    Gunther's PasswordSentry *Ra
    Gypsee *Con

    HandsFree Browser *W3
    HangWeb *Ra
    hesci Private Label *Ra
    HexWars *Con
    Hey Beer Man *Ra
    HiClock *W3
    HiDialer 2000 *W3
    Home Buyer's Calculator Suite *Con
    Host Monitor *Ra
    Hot Lingo *Con
    HTML Translator *Ra
    HTML Tutor Pro *Cy
    HTTP Proxy-Spy *Ra
    Huey Color Picker *Ra
    HumanClick *Cy
    Hypersnap-DX *Ra

    iAgent *Ra
    Iban Technologies IP Tools *Ra
    Ice Fusion *Ra
    ICUII *Ra
    Idyle GimmIP *Ra
    iFind Graphics *Ra
    Image carousel *Con
    Image Carousel *Con
    Image Site Grabber *Con
    imageN *Ra
    ImagerX 2000 *Ra
    iMesh *Con
    Implosion Screensaver *Cy
    In School We Trust *Ra
    InboxSpecialist *Con
    iNetPad *Ra
    Infinite Patience *Ra
    InfoBlast *Ra
    InnovaClub *Ra
    InstallZIP *Ra
    Integrated Combine Information System *Ra
    Interchange FTP *Ra
    Interfax *Ra
    Intergalactic Exterminator Demo *Con
    Internet 007 *W3
    Internet Neighborhood *Con
    Internet Tree *Ra
    Internetrix *Ra
    InterWebWord Companion *Ra
    InvenTV *Con
    InVircible Anti Virus *Cy
    Invisible Secrets *Ra
    IP Tools 2000 *Ra
    IP Turboscanner *Ra
    iPer Std/WH/Pro *Cy
    iPhone *Cy
    IPLAY *Con
    ISoaQ *Ra
    iSolitaire *Con
    iToday *Ra
    IVOX *Con
    IvoxICQ *Con
    Iwan's MP3 Finder *Ra
    IYsoft Dial Up Connection *Ra

    JetCar *Ra
    JFK Research *Ra
    jIRC *Ra
    JOC Email Checker *Ra
    JOC Web Finder *Ra
    JOC Web Spider *Ra
    JPEG Optimizer *Ra
    JrEdit *Ra
    JSoft Mail *W3
    JufSearch *W3
    JufSearch *Ra

    Kachat Messenger *Ra
    Kazaa *Cy
    Keyword Monitor *Ra
    KFK *W3
    KFTP *W3
    Kmail *W3
    Kmail *W3
    Kmp3 *W3
    KVT Diplom *Ra

    LapLink FTP *Ra
    LaserChess *Ra
    Lexicon Demo *Con
    LightSpeed *W3
    Lines '98 *Cy
    Lines Millennium *Cy
    LineSoft Download *Ra
    Link Cratter *Con
    Link Keeper *Con
    LinkProver *Ra
    LivePaper *Con
    Loan Calculator Plus *Con
    Locker4U *Cy
    LOL Chat *Ra
    Ludo Safari Demo *Con

    Magellan Explorer *Ra
    Magic Button *W3
    Magic Signs *W3
    Mahjongg Game of Four WInds Demo *Con
    Mahjongg Master Demo *Con
    Mahjongg Masters *Con
    Mail Them *Ra
    MailAlert *Con
    Mailmoa *Cy
    Manifest Timetrap *Ra
    Marker *Ra
    MASH-MS Agent Scripting Helper *Ra
    MasterCrypt *Ra
    Match It *Ra
    MatchBlox *Cy
    Maxiimus *W3
    Maxx *?
    Media Player *W3
    MediaRing Talk *FC
    Meeting Planner *Ra
    MegaSafe *?
    MemriC *Ra
    Meracl FontMap *Ra
    Meracl Hexocol *Ra
    Meracl ID3 Tag Writer *Ra
    Meracl ImageMap Generator *Ra
    Meracl MD Recorder *Ra
    Metaman *Ra
    Midnight Oil Solitaire *Ra
    MidWaviPro *Con
    Millennium BReaThe Beta *Ra
    Minigolf Demo *Con
    MiniMemo Die CheatsDatenbank *Ra
    MirNik Internet Finder *Ra
    MJStudio *Con
    MonIRC *Ra
    MoNooN2DR *Cy
    MoNooN3DR *Cy
    Moonwalker 2000 *Ra
    More Space 99 *Ra
    MouseAssist *Ra
    MP3 Album Finder *Ra
    MP3 Cat *Ra
    MP3 Downloader *Ra
    MP3 Fiend *Ra
    MP3 Grouppie *Ra
    MP3 Mag-Net *Ra
    MP3 Player 2000 *Ra
    MP3 Renamer *Ra
    Mp3 Stream Recorder *Ra
    MP3 TagStudio *Cy
    MP3Album Finder *Con
    MP3INFO Editor *Ra
    MR. COOL *Con
    MSi-Clip *Con
    MultiSender *Ra
    Music Genie *Ra
    MX Inspector BIG AD *Ra
    My Comet Cursor *CC
    My Genie Patriots *Ra
    My Genie SE *Ra
    My Genie Sports Edition *Ra
    My GetRight *Ra
    My To Do *W3
    MyInfo *W3

    NeatFTP *Ra
    Nebula Fighter Demo *Con
    NeoPlanet Browser *DC
    Net CB *Ra
    Net Scan 2000 *Ra
    Net Tools 2001 *Ra
    Net Vampire *Ra
    Net-A-Car Feature Car Screensaver *Ra
    NetAdmin Remote Admin. *W3
    NetAnts *Ra
    NetBoard *Ra
    Netbus Pro *Ra
    NetCaptor *Ra
    Netcaptor *W3
    NetCB *Ra
    netCommunicator *Ra
    NetCounter *W3
    Netman Downloader *Ra
    NetMole *Ra
    NetMonitor *W3
    NetNak *Ra
    NetScoopFinance *Con
    NetSetter *Ns
    NetShark *Ra
    Netsonic *W3
    Netsonic Pro *W3
    NetSuck 3.10.5 *Ra
    NetTime Thingy *Ra
    Network Assistant *Ra
    NetXtract *Ra
    Netzip *Con
    NeuroStock *Ra
    News-Lynx *Con
    NewsBin *Ra
    NewsShark *Ra
    NewsWire *Ra
    NfoNak *Ra
    NikNak *Ra
    Notepad + *W3
    NotePads+ *Ra
    Notificator 1.0b *Ra

    Octopus *Ra
    Odigo Messenger *Cy
    Of the day Quizzer *Con
    Off the day Creator *Ra
    OfTheDay Quizzer *Ra
    Oligo Browser *Con
    Online Call *Cy
    OnLineCall *Ra
    Opera Freeware *Propriatary / Cydoor
    Option Insight *Ra
    Othello FX *Cy
    Oxide Demo *Con

    Paint by Numbers *Ra
    Paper Picker *W3
    Paragraph Punch *Con
    Password Manager *W3
    Patriot Slots *Con
    Pattern Book *Ra
    PC to Phone *Cy
    PCDJ *W3
    People Seek 98 *Ra
    PerfectPartner Time&Billing *Ra
    Personal Auction Track *Con
    Personal Internet Finder *Ra
    Personal Search Agent *Ra
    Personal Stock Monitor SE *Con
    PGNSetup *Ra
    Photo Base Junior *Cy
    Photocopier *Ra
    Photocopier *Con
    PicPluck *Ra
    Picture Line *Cy
    Pictures In News *Ra
    Ping Thingy *Ra
    PingMaster *Ra
    PixelPirate *Ra
    PKZIP *Con
    Planet.Billboard *Ra
    Planet.MP3Find *Ra
    PMS *Ra
    Ponnu CHAMY's Music *Ra
    PopMon *Ra
    PopUp Dictionary *Ra
    PostCryptum *Cy
    Power Lotto *Cy
    Power Zip Express *W3
    Powerpack Accounting and Inventry Management Demo *Ra
    PowerZip 2000 *Con
    PrePromote *Ra
    Printshop *BR
    PromaSoft Autoresponder *Ra
    ProtectX *Ra
    ProxyChecker *Ra
    Puzzle Master Demo *Con

    Q*Wallet *Ra
    QMS Memory Squares *Cy
    QMS Mystery of Magical Numbers *Cy
    QuadSucker/Web *Ra
    Quadzle Puzzles *Ra
    QuickHead-E *Cy
    QuickRename *W3
    QuikLink Autobot *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer Freeware Edition *Ra
    QuikLink Explorer Gold Edition *Ra
    Quo Tracker *Ra
    Quote Ticker Bar *Ra
    QuoteWatch *Ra
    QuoTracker *Con
    Quta *Ra

    Rahjongg Demo *Con
    RapidBrowser *Pro
    Raptor Call of the Shadows Demo *Con
    Reader Rabbit *BR
    Real Audioplayer *CC
    Real Estate Web Site Creator *Ra
    ReallyEasy Interactor *Ra
    RealReverb Convolution *Ra
    Recipe Review *Ra
    RedEdit *Ra
    ReGet *Cy
    ReGet *Ra
    ReGet *Con
    RemoteShut *Ra
    Rename Master *Ra
    Rename-It *Con
    Rest Your Eyes *Ra
    Resume Detective *Ra
    RiadaMelt *Con
    RingSurf *Ra
    RoboCam *Ra
    Roger Wilco *Pro
    Rosemary's Weird Web World *Ra
    Rosoft CD Extractor *Ra
    Rosoft Media Player *Ra
    Rubber Duck H30+ *Con

    SaberQuest Page Burner *Ra
    SaberQuest Tag Specification Edit *Ra
    SafeNetMail *Con
    Savings4U *Ra
    SBJV *Ra
    SBWatchdog *Pro
    SBWcc *Ra
    Scan Wizard *Con
    Scout's Game *Ra
    ScreenFIRE *Ra
    ScreenFIRE - FileKing *Ra
    ScreenFlavors *Ra
    Scripto *Ra
    Sea Battle *Ra
    Seawar *Cy
    SelfSeek *Con
    SERanker *Ra
    Servant Salamander *Con
    Servant Salamander *Con
    Shakespeare Punch *Con
    Shapez! *Ra
    ShellGEM *W3
    Shizzam *Ra
    ShortKeys *Con
    Sign Language Teacher *Cy
    Simple Submit *Ra
    SimpleFind *Ra
    Simplicity Personal Organizer *Con
    Site Select *Con
    SiteBack *Ra
    SiteChecker *Ra
    SiteSniffer *Ra
    SK-111 *Ra
    Skeek Shooting *Ra
    SL4 Historical Montage *Con
    SLEdit *Ra
    Slide Puzzle *Ra
    Slide Puzzle *Ra
    Smaller Image *Cy
    Smart 'n Sticky *Ra
    SmartBoard 200 FREE Edition *Ra
    SmartBoard 2000 FREE Edition *Ra
    SmartSum calculator *Ra
    SnapIt *Ra
    SnipSnap *Ra
    SoftCuisine *Ra
    Software-Lynx *Con
    Sonic mail *Con
    SonicBurn *Ra
    SonicMail *Ra
    Sound Agent *Ra
    Space Central Screen Saver *Ra
    Space Checker *Ra
    Spam Buster *Cy
    Speak! Lite *Cy
    Speaking Email DeLuxe *Ra
    Speedy Eggbert Demo *Con
    Spherical HTML-Templator *Ra
    Spherical MP3INFO Editor *Ra
    Spinner *Pro
    Splash! Siterave *Ra
    Spynet Chat *W3
    Spynet Firewall *W3
    Spynet Mail *W3
    Spynet SockScript *W3
    Spynet TicTacToe *W3
    Spynet WhoIS *W3
    Spytech Back Orifice Eradicator *W3
    Spytech CipherWorks *W3
    Spytech Integrity Check (Plus) *W3
    Spytech NetArmor *W3
    Spytech PasswordLock *W3
    Spytech SecurityWorks *W3
    Spytech Shadow *W3
    Spytech ShadowNet *W3
    Spytech SpyAgent *W3
    Spytech SpyLock *W3
    SquareOff *Cy
    SSScanner *Con
    SSSiter *Con
    SSSpider *Con
    Star Miner Demo *Con
    StartDrive *Ra
    Static FTP *Ra
    StationRadio *Ra
    Stats 99 *Cy
    Stay On Pro *Con
    Stock Profit Spread Calculator 32 *Con
    StockBrowser *Ra
    Subscriber *Ra
    SunEdit 2K *Ra
    SunEdit 2K MOD Manager *Ra
    SunKoSoft WebNewser 0b *Ra
    Superball Challenge Demo *Con
    SuperBot *Cy
    SuperIDE *Ra
    SurfSaver *Con
    Sweep *Ra
    SweepsWinner *Ra
    System Agent *Con

    Tagger *Con
    Task Plus *Cy
    Taskbar Executive *W3
    TaxAct 2000 *W3
    TetriMania Master Demo *Con
    Text Tally *W3
    Text Transmogrifier *Ra
    TextWiz *W3
    The Cassette Tape Producer *Ra
    The Dictator *Cy
    The Mapper *Ra
    The Receptionist Desktop Edition *Ra
    The Star Wars Combine Holocom *Ra
    TheNet *Ra
    TI-FindMail *Ra
    TI-Findmail *Ra
    Tic-Tac-Toe Done Right *Ra
    TIFNY *Ra
    Tile Blazer Demo *Con
    Time Manager *W3
    Time Zone Converter *Con
    TOAG *Cy
    ToasterMultiTester *Cy
    Too Many Secrets *Ra
    Total Finger *Ra
    Total Whois *Ra
    Tracking The Eye *Ra
    Trade Site Creator *Ra
    Trade Trakker *Con
    Traffic Attractor 2000 *Ra
    Tray Note Plus *Con
    Triangle Puzzle *Ra
    Trianle Puzzle *Ra
    TrivialNet *Ra
    TS-Image Mapper *Con
    TsAdBot *CD
    Tucows Uploader *Ra
    Tunnel Blaster Demo *Con
    TWinExplorer *Ra
    TWinExplorer Standard *Ra
    TypeItIn *W3
    TypeWriter *Ra

    UdmSearch *Ra
    uICE *Con
    UK Phone Codes *Ra
    USChessLive *Con

    Vagabond's Realm *Ra
    Validate CC *W3
    VeriMP3 *Ra
    VeriTape *Ra
    Vertigo QSearch *Ra
    Virtual Access *Ra
    Virtual Friend *Cy
    Visual Cyberadio *Ra
    Visual Surfer *Ra
    Vocabulary Wizard *Cy
    VOG Backgammon Main *Ra
    VOG Backgammon Table *Ra
    VOG Chess Main *Ra
    VOG Chess Table *Ra
    VOG Reversi Main *Ra
    VOG Reversi Table *Ra
    VOG Shell *Ra
    VOG Shell History *Ra

    W3Filer *Ra
    WakeUp! *W3
    Wander *Ra
    War Demo *Con
    WarrenView *Ra
    WE Group ProxyChecker *Ra
    Web Coupon *Ra
    Web Database *Ra
    Web Page Authoring Software *Ra
    Web Registrant PRO *Ra
    Web Resume *Ra
    Web Resume Wizard *W3
    Web SurfACE *Ra
    Web Word Search *Ra
    Web Word Wrestle *W3
    Web-N-Force *Ra
    WEB2SMS *Ra
    WebBug *Ra
    WebCam VCR *Con
    WebCam Wonder *Ra
    WebCamVCR *Ra
    Webcelerator *Pro
    WebCopier *Ra
    WebDrive *Ra
    WebMailMate *Con
    Webman *Ra
    Webreaper *Ra
    WebSaver *Ra
    Website Manager *Ra
    Websnatcher *Ra
    Websnatcher IE *Ra
    WebStripper *Con
    WebSurfAce *W3
    WebType *Ra
    WebZip *Ra
    Whitehouse Mambo Parody *Con
    WhizFolders Organinzer *Con
    WhoIs *Con
    WhoIs Thingy *Ra
    Win A Lotto *Ra
    WinEdit 2000 *Ra
    WinMP3Locator *Ra
    WinSite *Con
    WinTidy *Ra
    Wise Wolf Notify *Con
    Wise Wolf Optin *Con
    Wise Wolf Pages *Con
    Word Connect Demo *Con
    Word Search Mania *Con
    Word+ *Ra
    Wordwright *Ra
    WorldChat Client *Ra
    Worm *Ra
    WOTH - Word Outline To Help *Ra
    Writing about Reading *Con
    Writing for Business *Con *Ra

    X Lines *Cy
    xBlock (game) *Ra
    Xtractor Plus *W3

    Yellow base *Cy
    Your ESP Test *Ra

    Zarko *Ra
    Zarko 3D *Ra
    Zion *Ra
    ZIP Code Finder *Con
    ZIP Express 2000 *Ra
    ZIP Up The Web Pro! *Ra
    Zip Wrangler *Cy
    ZipZilla *Ra

    More information and updates :

    BR=BrOdcast (dssagent)
    *CL=Conducent DLL
    *CC=Comet Cursor
    *Ns=Netsetter server

  2. Software & Hardware   -   #2
    You've been BUSY, thanks for the hard work!!

    A few of those on my system

  3. Software & Hardware   -   #3
    Thanks for that, most of my software are retail so I'm safe but it should help noobs in wondering wether to install any so called freeware.

    @Goldwheelz: Right-click copy & paste isn't that much effort but nice that he shared it with us.

    edit: I'm surprised Bonzi buddy isn't on the list , that has to be the worst!

  4. Software & Hardware   -   #4
    Originally posted by TRshady@24 May 2003 - 16:41
    @Goldwheelz: Right-click copy & paste isn't that much effort but nice that he shared it with us.

    edit: I'm surprised Bonzi buddy isn't on the list , that has to be the worst!
    True...but at least he's shared the info. A few I didn't know about and you are so right about Bonzi Buddy!

    That Gorilla gets everywhere!!


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