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Thread: Problems Copying PDF files?

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    I have a cd of certifications tests and answer keys all in pdf files. I am having trouble making a back-up disc. I have tried CloneCD and BlindWrite. Whenever I attempt to open a copied file I get the error message " not a supported file type or has been damaged" (Acrobat). I also tried a pdf password remover program but it didn't detect any passwords on the files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I also tried to convert the pdf files to word documents but I wasnt successful with that either

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    The pdf file might be indeed damaged. Try cleaning the disk.

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    seem they are damage..

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    yes it may be damaged

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    You can try the bad copy professional v3.80.

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    Try extracting using programs like ISOBuster?

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    they r damaged

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    have you considered the possibility that they might be damaged?

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    After doing a little research I have determined that the issue is not damaged files it is hexalock copyright protection. I haven't found an answer yet but I will keep looking


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