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Thread: .rar.incomplete

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    Hi, i've just downloaded an NZB file and downloaded the file it was carrying, but one of the .rar files inside it has the extension '.incomplete'. But the file is complete, it is the same size as the other files, but when i cannot extract it. I downloaded this file several times, from diffrent nzb's but i still seem to get one '.incomplete' extension. Is there anyway to fix this problem? thanks

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    If the file set had par files you can fix this with Quickpar. If the par files where not posted then probably not. You could try downloading the individual rar file with another server. Ohh there is a guide to this stickyed up the top of the forum.
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    i've used quickpar, and it says 'repair not needed', the file seems to complete, but when i extract it, i get a crc error. Is there anything i can do to the file itself or could i do something to it to allow winrar to think it is a good file?

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    Check the option Keep broken files from the extract window and you'll be able to extract the file.

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    I managed to force extract the files, thanks for all the help


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