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    I was wondering if A.B.DVD9 has a website or forum or if there are any others specializing in dvd9s.

    Much like how A.B.DVDs, A.B.DVD, and A.B.DVDr have their own website/forum/requesting.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Most of the 'junior' newsgroups like a.b.dvdr, dvds, dvdrcore, ect., were 'established' by requests made by site members of those long gone sites, shut down by the mpaa or otherwise. A final fate of most/all such sites, like a black hole.

    a.b.dvd9 was started in the dim past, simply out of 'nessesity'. I don't believe any 'group' or such championed it's establishment, and if so, it's gone into the cobwebs/dustbin of history.


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