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Thread: Splitting Movies

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    Oi OI people!

    I am having problems as a new user of when I download the movies. I want to burn them do disc but obviously when they are 756 in soze and i only have a 700mb disc they will notfit. I have tried using nero super CD add etc to no avail. some people may find this a silly question, but when ya dont know, ya just dont know. So guys and gals which is the best way to either get it all n 1 disc or to split it?

    Let me know. Thanks all

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    Well if you want to keep the film in .avi format and just burn them...then use virtualdub. The program link and tutorial are....down right now lol

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    get "Easy Video Splitter" off kazaa you can split the movie how ever you want....

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    like he said, just get an mpeg splitter, they work great but crap ones wont be compatatable they may write the fiels seperatley


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