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Thread: Anyone Have A Good Website Maker

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    I'm trying to make an unoffical website for downloading drives but i need a good easy editor

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    Microsoft Frontpage, or Dreamweaver.

    Though seriously, you might as well learn html.
    It really easy.

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    start with frontpage, use the basic features in there, and when you do something, look at the page in notepad, and see what changed.

    also google "html tags" and find out what you need to do what.

    Then start playin in notepad itself, make text appear, change colour, add images, etc. etc.

    Then, when you get the hang of it, use Dreamweaver, which has a visual bit, so you can see whats happening, and a code bit, to see what you are doin...

    remember to put your images relative to the folder of the html page, so when you get it good, you can upload it to your Webspace without any problems (i.e. img location = /images/j.jpg and not c:\fmfjf\,,,,,\images\j.jpg)

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    I Agree With Vivitron, If You Have Frontpage Which You Probably Already Have Then It Will Be Easy If You Are Used To Using MS Word And Stuff..... Dreamweaver Is Easier To Use Than Frontpage ALso Has A Bit More Features, Check Out Both, Or Like Otherwise Stated, Learn HTML

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    Dreamweaver for me&#33;

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    You could always learn Flash and stuff and make a really good website, lol

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    I use dreamweaver, thats what id recomend. Shame i cant find a server to host my site but what the hell. Mines pritty good. i like to think so.

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    i use dreamweaver for my new site aint uploaded yet.
    Wizzadabe why not try hostultra it has unlimited bandwhich and unlimited space
    only thing is popups but i use a pop up blocker so never see them

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    Thanks for that

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    geocities isnt all that bad...

    i have a link that tells you how to get rid of the banner

    15mb space, 3gb bandwidth <-- monitored hourly, no ftp but itz fast...

    edit >> i like frontpage better since it doesnt generate a </> tag for u... since i ususaly write up everything then add in the <> tags

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