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Thread: Less Than Jake - Anthem

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    Just wondering if anybody has any decent hashes for this album, the higher the bitrate the better plz. Thanks for all help even if none comes.

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    i seen an advance copy on irc, try searching on ircspy, i might get ot and post the hashes later, but its probably quicker for you to get it off irc

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    i got mine off of soulseek, but i guess i'll post it here!
    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 01 - Welcome to the New South.mp3
    Length:4022985 Bytes,3929KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 02 - Ghosts of You and Me.mp3
    Length:4854306 Bytes,4741KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 03 - Look What Happened.mp3
    Length:4486293 Bytes,4381KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 04 - The Science of Selling Yourself Short.mp3
    Length:4527044 Bytes,4421KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 05 - Short Fuse Burning.mp3
    Length:3376611 Bytes,3297KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 06 - Motown Never Sounded So Good.mp3
    Length:3826126 Bytes,3736KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 07 - The Upwards War and Downturned Cycle.mp3
    Length:4333320 Bytes,4232KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 08 - Escape from the A-Bomb House.mp3
    Length:5108843 Bytes,4989KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 09 - Best Wishes to Your Black Lungs.mp3
    Length:4216709 Bytes,4118KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 10 - She's Gonna Break Soon.mp3
    Length:4691929 Bytes,4582KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 11 - That's Why They Call It a Union.mp3
    Length:4435511 Bytes,4332KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 12 - Plastic Cup Politics.mp3
    Length:3322695 Bytes,3245KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 13 - The Brightest Bulb Has Burned Out-Screws Fall Out.mp3
    Length:7079312 Bytes,6913KB

    File:Less Than Jake - Anthem - 14 - Surrender [-].mp3
    Length:5338930 Bytes,5214KB

    The Copy of Look What Happened isn't the same as the old one... its a better newer version!

    and the bitrates are all 192

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    Fucking amazing cd, but pyromonkey, I wouldn't go as far as saying this version of Look What Happened is better, I like the beggining better on Borders & Boundaries, but the end on this version is better, so whatever, but this cd is sick though.


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