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Thread: Command & Conquer Generals Iso Problem

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    Can anyone give me a hand here?
    I just downloaded the Command & Conquer Generals Iso (.iso.exe 703884 kb). the exe doesn't work, I tryed renaming it to .iso but WinIso can't recognize it neither can EZCD creator 6 (the latest). It toke me a full 10 days to download.........
    Any suggestions guys.
    Thanks in advance....
    Oh...and if it works I will keep sharing it (as usual)....I am online almost 24/7.
    Email me at if u don't mind.

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    was it from the verifieds if not you will problay have a fake

    also i see that the extension is .iso.exe try taking away the exe part and mabaye it will work
    also try renaming it to a .bin

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    just download the rip, as far as i can see it hasnt been penalised in graphics or audio, just in the cut scenes not being there and its under 200mb.

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    Thanks guys,
    I tryed all u'r suggestions and more........nothing
    I'm downloading the rip.....
    What a waste of download time.....well ...thats life
    Thanks again


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