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Thread: 10 new free WB accounts

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    With invites now closed I will make 10 new accounts to good proven users.
    How to get these accounts is very simple.

    1. You must prove your are atleast a power user or better with atleast 50 GB uploaded on atleast 2 sites. This needs to be done with a screen shot

    2. You must show proff of your stats and can not be blacked out on your screen shoots. (Things that can be blacked out are Username, Email, and IP)

    3. Do not pm me more then once on getting 1 of the new accounts, If you do i will delete you pms..

    4. Remember that it might take me a day or 2 to get back to you.

    Remember this........ If you did not get the account from me or 1 of my staff members on this site, and you get them through account trading, that it has a very good chance of getting disabled.

    Also note that if you do get 1 of these accounts from me and you are not active with in 2 weeks the account will be pruned....

    For past people that got accounts from me, you now have 2 weeks to become active or the account will get pruned. The system is in place to weed out people that only wish to look around or have other plans with the account.

    If these accounts are latter traded they will be disabled on the spot...... I dont care if you giving the account to your grandma, it will be disabled.

    So if you are looking to get account to later trade you better think again........

    Now before you guys start to bitch and cry about trading accounts on here and getting banned maybe you should go back and re-read the rules of this forum... For the stupid people i will post some snipets for you..

    Trading Accounts
    Dont trade accounts at FST for sites that strickly forbid it.
    If you do they may contact you here to follow their rules.
    Read the rules of the sites your a member at and if you chooseto break them dont complain if action is taken against you.

    Community Reps
    Community Reps are staff at BT sites invited by FST to bring communities together. They are NOT spies though may take action if your breaking their rules. Theres little to stop them from creating accounts to lurk and doubt youde prefer that. Many have accounts at similar sites they watch closely.
    Community Reps DO NOT have access to IPs or emails or any private information on this site. Their rank does NOT offer them any more access or power than an ordinary member. Theres no difference between them and members apart from the 20 post month restriction for access to the invites section.
    There may be occasion when a Community Rep appears to just to report back and take action against members. We will deal with each instance of this type as it surfaces. We will NOT tolerate being taken advantage of. Thier presence is not to create a battle zone but to assist in joining communities.

    Incase you dont beleave what i just copied and pasted then here is the link

    If you are caught cheating on Wild-Bytes, well you will see.....

    Good Luck

    P.S. I might be doing this more offten. So i would not try and look for WB trade accounts as most of the time the account will be disabled and you end up getting screwed.

    Ones that are getting accounts



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    Ill be your first customer, i can PM u screens of my username later if u decide i may receive one

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    way ta go wild

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    That took a long time to read but i am really happy that WB can come and associate with this site. Hopefully this is a new step and allows other members to access it that have nothing to offer in trades so really everyone is happy. I for one am with this and the rules should be obeyed all the time. WB is being very nice here and we should not take advantage of it in any way.
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    I would like one but to tired to take screenshots...

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    Fair enough for me

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    good job mr wild

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    Noble gesture, one more time!!

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    ...the future
    very nice of you

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