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Thread: British television tracker?

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    Is there a tracker sprecializing in British tv shows? I often see one or two episodes of, for example, "X-factor" or "Dragon's Den" on TL, FL etc. but there seems to be no continuity on these trackers when it comes to British series.

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    i'm not sure but uknova is what u need

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    Digitaldistractions lot of cooking shows
    MVgroup for bbc documentary
    check ConCen for more edgy doc
    but yeh UKnova is good ass well

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    If you are looking for recent tv stuff then UKNova is the place. No invite system there but they usually open sign-ups for a short time each day....just got to be lucky.

    Just be aware that they do not host anything that is out on dvd or video.

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    go with uknova


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