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    I just finished downloading Vice City from bittorrent for both CDs and the files are just filled with files called .001 and going up to .054 on CD1 and upto .050 on CD2. There are no bin or cue files or anything so what should I do?? I have used the search funtion a lot here to try and find a answer to this question but came up empty, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    open the .001 with win rar and u'll find a .bin and a .cue

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    Ok I was able to get the bin and cue files out of the .001 files in the 2 CD folders. Know what? I have tryed to burn it but I kept getting an error message. Plus it seems with files being over 700 mb it wouldnt be able to burn anyway. Sorry if these are noob questions but im really lost!

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    even though the file is over 700mb it still burns, just get Nero and burn the image, you have to go to File and then Burn from CD Image and then you can find your .bin and then burn it to CD. Dont be put off by the fact that it is over 700mb, as it compresses as it writes the CD.

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    Cool thanks, I was able to burn it and install it but now when ever I try to run the game it says "Wrong disc inserted. Please insert the Vice City PLAY disc." So I tryed switching the CD's and it gives me the same message. Any ideas?

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    You'll need the no-cd crack.
    There should be a folder named 'Crack' on one of the cd's. Inside is one file 'gta-vc.exe'
    Replace the 'gta-vc.exe' in the game install folder with that one.

    If you don't have a crack folder, go to GameCopyWorld and search for a no-cd patch there.
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