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Thread: Looking for a projector to connect my camcorder

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    I wonder if someone could advise me.

    Currently, I connect my camcorder to a TV screen using the RCA video cable. But now I want to connect my camcorder to a projector.

    What should I make sure that the projector has in order to connect my camcorder to it? I think it should include RCA Video In jacks. Is there any thing else?

    Whats a decent spec I should look for in a projector if I wanted to connect my camcorder to it?

    I have been told that there are some projectors that work from back of the screen. If decently priced, I would love to get this type of projector. Could you provide more details about this type of projectors.

    I am not looking for a Home Entertainment system. I just need a decent projector and a screen during lecturers.


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    You need a projector which has inputs that are compatible with the output of your camcorder. All the projectors I've seen have RCA input so you should be ok on that score. They also all have 15-pin input (VGA), but s-video might be useful and that's not always present.

    One point that's often overlooked initially is the audio side of things. Projectors often only have a tiny speaker to help the operator, not much use for a room full of people, so make sure you take care of that too.

    Rear projection is a type of TV system, heavy, very bulky, expensive in comparison to a projector. Since you are moving away from a TV system I doubt that's what you want. It's really part of a home theatre system.

    I don't have any info on particular models, but I do know that replacing the lamp can be expensive so look out for ones that specifically include lamp replacement in the warranty - it is categorized as a consumable in most and as such is excluded.

    The power you need depends on the size of the image you want, the larger the image the more power you need. In addition you need higher definition otherwise the image will start to appear grainy. DLP projectors are better value than LCD ones when considering larger images, and often have HD capability too.
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    thanks very much

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    I want to use the projector in a room with natural light coming in.

    Do you think a projector with 1800 lumens is good enough?


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