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Thread: What does OAR stand for

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    Hi there can someone tell me what does OAR stand for
    as for in Alien.vs.Predator.720p.OAR.HDTV.DTS.x264-ESiR

    For you with a very large display hungry of HD movies

    i assume it is a kind of way to rip the signal from HDTV but i would like to get a technical explanation
    Thank you

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    OAR stands for Original Aspect Ratio. OAR it's not a way of ripping the signal from HDTV. In this case it means that after the encoding, the original, native aspect ratio is kept. That's done using high quality, very compressable codecs like x264. That are capable of very high quality even at low bitrates. You're seeing a movie how it was originally intended, without any croping.


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